Vikings in Georgia

In the middle of the XI century, the Kingdom of Georgia was ruled by King Bagrat IV, who was fighting against strong and powerful rebel feudal  lord, duke of Kldekari, Liparit Baghvash.

A fragment of the fresco from the Ateni Sioni Church, depicting Bagrat IV.

Bagrat IV’s coin stuck between 1060 and 1072.

The powerful dynasty of the Baghvash didn’t recognize the King’s power.  Liparit Baghvash took control even over the southern and the eastern parts of the Georgian kingdom.  Although, we should note the Dynasty of Baghvash was trying to flourish the Georgian culture and education and fostered the rewriting of the Holy Bible several times, built churches, which are a good example of the Georgian architecture and so on.

Katskhi church, built by Baghvashs.

The Baghvashs developed even their own architectural style. Katskhi church is a good example of it.

The middle of the XI century is a period, when Viking warriors first appeared  in Georgia.  King Bagrat IV hired them to fight against mighty Baghvash.  So 3000 Viking warriors came in Georgia.

Vikings were  warrior tribe, generally from the Scandinavian peninsula.  The Viking Age forms a major part of the medieval history of Scandinavia, Great Britain, Ireland and the rest of Europe in general.

Having come to Georgia and seen the country, Vikings thought they had died and found themselves in  “Valhalla“.


“Valhalla“ means a place, where a honoured warrior being goes after the death, so it is like the heaven.

The battle of Sasireti took place in 1047. The result of the battle was the defeat of the Georgian royal army and Viking mercenaries.  Liparit Baghvash had very strong army.

The dynasty of Baghvash was finally defeated by King Davit IV (1089-1125).

Varangian Guardsmen, an illumination from the 11th century chronicle of John Skylitzes.

there are some sources about Viking voyage in Scandinavian countryes. It is a stella of some great Viking warrior, whos name was Ingvar. This stella tells us that there is a great kingdom in the east, and it has a capital called Kutapolis (Kutaisi). Ingvar was the leader of Vikings and he lost two brothers in that battle. It is very interesting that Georgian coins were found in somewhere near the Baltic sea. These are coins of king Davit III Kurapalatos of Georgia and Emire of Tbilisi (Tbilisi was under muslim occupation at that time, and the rulers were Emirs).


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